Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Fishing the Blue River in Silverton, Colorado

Carole and I spent the last 6 days at a marriage retreat in Colorado. Our first 4 days were part of an organized retreat at the home of the Navigators, called Glen Eyrie. The Glen is an absolutely fantastic place, that Carole and I spent many days at where we were on staff with the Navigators in the 1980's. This time, this Marriage Get-Away was a fantastic time of working on our marriage, hanging out with other couples, and just getting time together to talk, pray and read the word together.

In addition, we were able to just spend time hanging out. About a week before we were to go out to CO, Carole says to me, "You are going to bring your fly fishing equipment, aren't you?" I think this is some kind of a test, because usually the answer would be, "What!?! Bring fishing stuff when we are going on a marriage get-away...of course not, dear!" But she was serious! So I asked, "Who are you, and what have done with my wife?"

She chuckled, but said, "I would love to spend a day or two fishing with you." Well, that turned into two and 1/2 great days of fishing in the Rocky Mountains. First, at Eleven Mile Canyon - where I must have seen 100 trout, none of which were biting, but seeing them was great.

The next trip was up to the Blue River in Silverton, which is on the way to the major ski hills on I-70 - near Copper Mountain and Dillon, CO (home of the Dam Brewery - known for their slogan - "Go get your own dam beer!" - didn't make it to the pub this time, maybe next). Incredibly beautiful territory as you can see from the picture above. But, the runoff was so severe, the fishing was worthless.

The only place where they we biting was at Glen Eyrie on a hiking path in Queen's Canyon directly behind the conference center. If you keep on this path, it goes up a really cool waterfall and then up to the "punch bowls". This hiking path is simply breathtakingly beautiful. Here you can see a little guy that made his way onto my fly (Blue Wing Olive #22 for you fly fishing gurus).

Having a great time on sabbatical...wish you all were here!