Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Why is the "Dinah" story there?

I'm doing this Discipleship Journal "Read the Bible in a Year" thing - which I always effectively stretch out to about 1 1/2 years! Anyway, in my reading Monday, I was reading Genesis 34, the account of Jacob's daughter Dinah being either raped at worst, or being involved in premarital sex at best. It is such a bizarre and interesting account of what all takes place. I've been asking everyone this week, "Why is the Dinah account there?"

Before I make any comments on what I have heard from others, I'd love to hear what you all think. No shiny dimes here, just read Genesis 34 and give it your best shot!


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

"Holy smoke, how did I ever get out of there alive?"

The following is taken from the Chaska Valley Herald of June 30th, 1904:
On June 28th, 1904, Freight Train #66 and Work Train #10 collided head on in Chaska, Minnesota. The conductor of the work train, knowing the local freight was about 2 1/2 hours late, thought he could get his train to this city before the freight train pulled out. His train was running pretty fast and coming down a grade when he noticed the local freight coming up the grade. He was able to jump off his train, but the fireman of the Freight Train, C.C. Hewitt could not get out and was caught in the collision. In some accountable manner crawled out of the debris with only his collarbone broken. It is a miraculous escape from death. The injured men were removed to the residence of Wm. Heiman where Drs. Schober and Marshall were summoned and medical aid given them. About 10:30 in the evening they were taken to Mpls. on an extra. Sigafoos was taken to St. Barnabas hospital and died at 2 o'clock the following morning. C.C. Hewitt, the fireman, went to Asbury hospital, and his injuries are not necessarily fatal. Before being taken to the train to be removed to the hospital he asked that he be carried to the scene of the wreck and when shown the cab wherein he was confined, he exclaimed "Holy smoke, how did I ever get out of there alive?"

After preaching for three weeks on "The Pain of Sexual Immorality" I am more convinced that ever that we all have been involved in a train wreck of relationships, broken dreams, shame and sin in this area. However, it is not something that needs to wreck your life. It is not something that needs to define you. Healing is possible! You can be like C.C. Hewitt, who incredibly escaped for the wreckage, only to exclaim "Holy smoke, how did I ever get out of there alive?"

My question for this entry is this:

How do we as the body of Christ help people to escape the wreckage? What have you done in order to help the healing begin?